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Greenwich College - A Registered Cambridge International Examinations High School Greenwich College - A Registered Cambridge International Examinations High School Greenwich College - A Registered Cambridge International Examinations High School

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About Us

About Greenwich College


Greenwich College was established in 1998 to offer students an alternative schooling system that is internationally recognised and accepted for entrance to universities both locally and abroad. We are therefore able to accommodate students from other parts of the world.

Greenwich College has a proud record of students who have gone on to local and overseas Universities, becoming top achievers in faculties of Medicine, Commerce and Law amongst others.

The college whilst having a relaxed, informal atmosphere, utilizes a unique structure to ensure attendance and progress in studies, without being regimented.   Feedback to parents is a big factor in this approach, which is not intended to require more of parents but to make them aware of progress and to encourage their children.


Feedback to Parents


Parents can, through the Greenwich College website with their own login, be made aware on an hourly basis of such things as attendance, completed homework, marks from previous tests, etc. Parents also get emailed with all relevant feedback.


We follow a four term academic calendar similar to the South African school terms so as to accommodate families with siblings in other schools.


Click here for a Sample Homework Report.
Click here for a Sample Attendance Register.
Click here for a Sample 3rd Term Report.


We also offer supervised homework classes in school hours, students must sign up with the office.


Who is eligible to enter Greenwich College?


Any student who has completed Grade 7 may apply.  Students easily adapt to the Cambridge System which encourages an understanding of the subject and the ability to apply that knowledge.

Lecturers & Classes

All our lecturers are highly qualified and experienced in their field and the study material offered by Cambridge is of a very high standard. This enables students moving from other schools to adapt easily to the new system.

Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention and the early detection of any problems experienced by the student.

Our well equipped laboratory has excellent facilities making learning interesting and stimulating for students.